Virginia Beach Ketamine & Wellness provides you with hospital-level care in the comfort of our nurturing private clinic.

Individual Attention

Every patient who walks through our doors receives individualized care in a safe and relaxing environment. We structure each ketamine treatment based on the patient’s needs and responses, individually assessing the dose amount, infusion duration, number of infusions and time between visits.

Ketamine treatment is a groundbreaking therapy that works differently than traditional antidepressant therapies. Rather than altering the brain’s serotonin production, ketamine repairs its damaged connections and pathways.


At this initial appointment, our team assesses your mental and physical health history, listens to your needs, and answers all of your questions. If ketamine infusion therapy is a viable treatment option, your customized treatment plan will be created.

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We want you to be prepared for your infusion experience. Learn more about the procedure, the experience and what post-treatment will look like below.


Your treatment takes place in a relaxing private treatment room, where dim lighting and soft music create a tranquil atmosphere.  A friend or family member is welcome to stay with you.

Our CRNA team will first take your initial set of vital signs. The ketamine will be administered into your bloodstream through a tiny IV needle that is gently inserted into a vein on your arm, wrist or hand.

While you are serenely receiving your ketamine infusion, we are continuously and non-invasively monitoring your vital signs, including blood pressure and heart rate.

Each session lasts between 45 – 60 minutes (longer if you are receiving treatment for chronic pain). Once complete, the IV is removed and you can relax in your room until you are ready to leave.


For most, the infusion experience is mild and for some, even pleasant. Ketamine’s relaxing effects are felt within minutes. Your body is relaxed while your mind stays alert. You may feel lightheaded, experience sensations of euphoria or have difficulty concentrating. Some patients experience an “out of body” sensation, which many find enjoyable.

Less common effects include nausea and anxiety. Brief moments of fear are possible, especially if you were fearful at the start of the infusion. You can feel safe knowing that your progress and vital signs are being clinically monitored every step of the way by our CRNA staff.  You are never left unattended and you will never be in any danger.


For some, profound relief will begin within hours of the infusion. For others, it may take multiple days or infusions for a change in mood or symptoms to develop. Our hope is that ketamine therapy is a significant step in your healing and wellness.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Virginia Beach Ketamine & Wellness is taking every necessary precaution to keep our patients and staff safe. We kindly request that all people entering the clinic adhere to the following Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines:

  • Wear a face mask.
  • Maintain a safe distance of 6 feet from other patients.
  • Wash your hands prior to arrival. Hand sanitizer will also be provided.

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